Forex Webinars for Beginners

I frequently give forex webinars and trading seminars for beginning traders. When you just start out as a trader, there are many things to learn. These webinars will speed this process up for you.

The main reason why I wrote Forex for Ambitious Beginners was to give traders, especially forex traders, a short cut to the most important information about trading. The webinars have the same approach, and while they are not as expansive as the book, they will give you a lot of useful information in a short time. 

These forex webinars talk about how the forex works, different trading strategies, how to use technical and fundamental analysis, how to set up a forex strategy, money management and more. I will add more trading webinars as time progresses, so either keep an eye on this page or subscribe to my Youtube channel forex webinars if you like the vids. 

Forex Webinar 1A How Does the Forex Work

Forex Webinar 1B How Does the Forex Work

Forex Webinar 2 How to Trade on the Forex

Forex Webinar 3 Popular Trading Strategies

Forex Webinar 4 Fundamental Analysis

Forex Webinar 5 Technical Analysis

Forex Webinar 6 Charts & Patterns

Forex Webinar 7 - The 6 Simple Secrets of Successful Forex Trading




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